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Help Center - Luggage

We generally advise against leaving personal or valuable items on the bus. Regardless of whether it is a weekend or day tour.

Explanation: Even if the same bus is normally used for the return journey as the one you went on, this cannot always be guaranteed. The bus could be booked for a connecting trip, for example. In addition, the bus driver usually goes to the hotel during the event due to driving and rest times, so you won't have the opportunity to pick up your things.

There are always checkrooms and lockers at the events that you can use to store your belongings. Please also note that we cannot accept any liability for items left on the bus!

The following items are prohibited on our buses:

  • Large & bulky items such as fixed chairs or tables
  • Explosive gas cartridges
  • Wooden handcarts
  • Dry ice
  • Swivel barbecues
  • Beer tent sets
  • Beverage crates or barrels

You can of course take provisions with you for the trip and also pack something for the camping weekend. However, please make sure that you don't take too much and suddenly turn up at the bus with two full cool boxes! As a rule, there is always a camping store on site and therefore corresponding shopping opportunities.

Note on alcohol: Many festivals have special regulations on taking alcohol with you. So always check the organizer's camping FAQ beforehand.

For groups of at least 6 people who are scheduled to travel together in a coach, a pavilion may be taken along. It is important that the additional luggage has been registered in advance by e-mail and approved by us.

Additional luggage must be registered in advance due to limited space. This includes, for example, the following items:

  • Table grills
  • Folding camping tables
  • cooler bags
  • Beerpong tables
  • Paddling pools
  • Foldable handcarts
  • and similar

Please note that these items must be registered in advance by e-mail to and approved by us, otherwise you may NOT take them on the bus!

Luggage (per person):

  • Small tent (2 persons)
  • Sleeping bag or blanket
  • Air mattress or sleeping mat
  • Travel bag or suitcase
  • Hand luggage
  • Folding camping chair
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