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DRS - Ein Interview

DRS - Ein Interview


DRS Interview

What a busy year. A new album and a new live act! What can you tell us about the album?

This will be something to really look forward to. It will be different than my previous album. I have made loads of progress during this process and you can hear that I every track. And besides that, every track has its own story behind it. So, this will be something I am very proud of.

The launch of your Live Act at Titanium was massive... what is your vision behind this live-act and what can we expect for this show in the future?

The idea for this act was formed from several angles, all coming together. I see it as an improvement of my performances, but also wanted to combine several styles blending into one massive act. I have made new music and worked together with more artists from other genres and wanted to have an outlet for this.

Can you give your fans a little hint what you are working on next?

I´m very proud that I can say to be working on projects with several great artists. To name a few: EZG, Nosferatu and N-Vitral. It´s a great honor to be able to work with these guys. You´d have to be a bit more patient for the end result...

September, 2019

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