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DJ Pat B - Ein Interview

DJ Pat B - Ein Interview

DJ Pat B

DJ Pat B Interview

Pat B! The man in which his worldis colored in Neon and always aparty! We have a little out of thebox interview for you. We atHardtours want to ask you to finda specific word matching one ofyour initials that defines yourmusic, career or yourself.

P stands for:

Pirate (Why join the navy ifyou can be a pirate?)

A stands for:

Alcohol (No great story everstarted with someone eatinga salad)

T stands for:

Trouble (I don’t go lookingfor it but it usually finds me)

B stands for:

Berserk (That’s whathappens to you when youlisten to my music)

Finally, why should peoplecome to a Pat B or Pat BLIVE show?

A drunk pirate gettingin trouble driving youcrazy? You shoulddefinitely come andcheck that out! (If youcan handle it!)

September, 2019

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